An Addonexus is a creature that is born human but if they are born under special conditions, they will become extremely powerful.


A human becomes an Addonexus when they are born on the day of a solar eclipse and when Halley's Comet is in the sky. This causes a substance to be infused into the blood of the mortal being born which gives the child magical abilities that typically manifest around puberty. The Addonexus will die at the age of about 75 or 76 because they die the next time Halley's Comet flashes through the sky.

Known PowersEdit

  • Aura perception: An Addonexus can see the auras of being around them and use this to determine their emotions.
  • Bone manipulation: An Addonexus can manipulate the bones in their own body. They can make bones penetrate their skin to use them as weapons.
  • Delayed aging: They age about three times slower than humans do.
  • Energy manipulation: They can manipulate pure energy.
    • Photokinesis: By controlling the energy, they can manipulate light. They can easily master this skill.
    • Umbrakinesis: By controlling the energy, they can manipulate darkness. They can easily master this skill.
  • Healing: They are able to heal the physical wounds of other beings.
  • Regeneration: Their own physical injuries heal very quickly.