The Amazons are an all-female race of near-human creatures.


When two pagan gods, Ares and Harmonia, met, they created a tribe of women that felt that males were useless except for reproduction. After a large war, the Amazon numbers were very low. So low, that the Amazons made a deal with Harmonia to save themselves from extinction. Harmonia didn't just make them humans, she made them monsters.


Amazons value tradition and see it as very important. For initiation as an Amazon, the girl must kill her father by cutting off his limbs and carving a symbol into his chest, and then killing him. After birth, the children are taken to learn the way of the Amazons. After being taken, they are trained as well as tortured in order to make them stronger. Before killing their father, they will get a burn on their wrist.


Amazons grow and mature superhumanly fact. After mating with a male, the woman will become pregnant within hours, give birth, and the child will be fully grown after two days. Amazons also possess superhuman strength, but they are still as vulnerable as normal humans.

Known PowersEdit

  • Super strength: The ability to possess more physical strength than humanly possible.
  • Accelerated growth: Amazons grow extremely fast. Amazon daughters are in their later-teenage years within three days of their mothers mating with their fathers.

In LoreEdit

Amazons were a tribe of female warriors in Greek Mythology. It was said that they mated with males from nearby tribes in order to preserve their race but after the children were born, they only kept the female babies. Hippolyta, a famous Amazon queen, was part of Heracles' twelve tasks. He was supposted to steal her girdle which he succeeded in doing.