Aqarian Elves are a sub-species of elf that only live in water that has been untouched by humans. This makes them difficult to find as there aren't many bodies of water that they can live in.


Aqarian elves range from 5 to 8 feet in height which makes them different from other elves, being that they're not naturally short like most elves are. Aqarian elves also have webbed feet and their eyes are typically green, pink, or yellow with diamond-shaped pupils. It is said that anyone in possession of an aqarian eye will have the power to walk on water and never-ending youth. Their skin is also typically pale white, blue, or green.

Known PowersEdit

  • Hydrokinesis: Aqarian elves can control anything that has water in it, including humans. However, every time they do this, they loose 20% of their lifespan. Aqarian lifespans are not like human lifespans. One mortal year is equal to eight aqarian years.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • They live in houses made of metal or crystal in mountains or abandoned cities.
  • Aqarian elves' favorite foods are apples and water. Canadian aqarians love to eat salmon and African aqarians love ostrich eggs.