Chupacabras are creatures that drain the blood of their prey, which is mainly cattle like cows and sheep. Chupacabras are native to Latin America.


Chupacabras greatly resemble a wolf or coyote. They have large, fur-covered bodies and four legs that have four razor-sharp claws on each of their paws. They have heads that are parallel with their bodies so they can easily drain the blood of their prey. They have lots of sharp teeth in their mouths but they have two large fangs that always hang out of their mouth that they use to drain their prey's blood with. Their eyes are yellow and they have solid black pupils that can paralyze anything that looks into their eyes. They also have spikes on their back, beginning small on their neck and getting larger onto their back beforing getting small again right before the tail.

Known PowersEdit

  • Infection: If a Chupacabra injures an animal and doesn't kill them, the animal will start to develop vicious tendencies and will start attacking other members of its herd. The animal will start to grow fangs and claws and will eventually kill every member of its herd and run off to find more food unless killed before this can happen. This doesn't happen often as Chupacabras kill their food more often than not.
  • Paralyzation: One look into the eyes of a Chupacabra can send any being into a paralyzed state. This is how they get their prey so easily.
  • Super strength: They are super strong, being able to rip apart a cow within seconds.


  • Chupacabras may be related to wolves and coyotes. They also may have originally been coyotes that were experimented on by scientists. This would make them the first artificially created supernatural creature.