Dragonbats are evil creatures that are hybrids of bats and dragons.


Dragonbats are large creatures, that have a physiology like a regular bat. They have two hind legs, with three large claws at the end. They have two front wings and two large claws on the top of the wings, each with two claws each. When on all fours, they are about four feet high and their wingspan is about ten feet across. Their wings are leathery and extremely powerful, capable of generating storm-like gusts of wind. Their mouths are full of razor-sharp teeth and their noses can smell almost anything and can track any being with ease.


Dragonbats are beings that live in the Underworld. There are thousands of these creatures and they act as guards to the souls and any beings that don't belong in the Underworld. They live in the rock ceilings of the Underworld. They live in one large colony in tunnels in the rock.

Known PowersEdit

  • Tracking: Dragonbats have an extreme sense of smell, which allows them to smell almost anything and can follow it wherever they go. When a Dragonbat has the scent of someone or another creature, it will never stop tracking that creature until they are dead. However, Dragonbats rarely escape the Underworld.
  • Sonic Scream: Dragonbats can emit an ear-shattering scream that makes beings cringe. If a being hears them screaming for too long, their ear drums will shatter and they may die from internal hemorrhaging.
  • Flight: Because Dragonbats have two large leathery wings, they can fly. Their wingspan is about ten feet across.
    • Aerokinesis: By flapping their wings, they can generate powerful gusts of storm-like winds.
  • Super Strength: Dragonbats are extremely strong, being able to tear humans apart with ease.