Ichthyocentaurs are a species of centaurs that are similar to centaurs except they are the aquatic versions of them.


Ichthyocentaurs are human from the waist up. However, under the human torso, they have who horse legs. Where the horses hind legs would be, is a large serpent tail. These species of centaur are pretty rare but not as rare as seeing an Ophiotauros. Ichthyocentaurs tend to be black horses or a darker gray color.

Differences to centaursEdit

Because Ichthyocentaurs live in the oceans, they don't have access to alcohol. However, they are very violent. They will attack humans for no reason and freqently cause ships to sink and planes to crash by using their powers. They also like to attack the other aquatic creatures in the oceans.

Known PowersEdit

  • Aquatic respiration: Ichthyocentaurs are capable of creathing underwater even though they don't have gills and they have the respiratory system of a human being.
  • Aerokinesis: Ichthyocentaurs have the ability to manipulate the wind and air. They typically use this to create giant gusts of wind that are capable of destroying ships or boats.
  • Atmokinesis: They can also manipulate the weather. They can create powerful storms and can summon lightning to strike a boat or ship.
  • Hydrokinesis: They can control the water around them. They are only able to manipulate salt water and not fresh water.