Shapeshifting is the power to change ones shape or form. This ability has many variations and some users may only possess one variation or they may only be able to transform into one object, being, or animal. Some of the most common variations include;

  • Alternate form: The user can only turn into an alternate form where they appear different and they may have different powers in this alternate form as well.
  • Animal mimicry: The user is only able to morph into animals and nothing else. The user may be limited to just birds, lizards, etc. Depending on the user, they may or may not be able to morph into extinct animals and supernatural beings.
  • Morphing: The user is only able to shift into other people.
  • Shapeshifting: The user can shift into anything that they wish to.
  • Specific mimicry: The ability to only be able to morph into one specific thing. Most users who have this variation have only been able to morph into one kind of animal.
  • Transmogrification: The user can only shapeshift into inanimate objects.


Partial ShiftingEdit

A sub-power of shapeshifting is the ability to transform only part of one's body into that of another object or being. This ability allows the user to turn only parts of their body into animals or objects. They could use this ability to create the claws of a tiger or to turn their finger into the key to a door.

Voice ManipulationEdit

The ability to control and manipulate your own speaking voice at will. Any shapeshifter will naturally possess the ability to alter their shape and form. If they mimic another person, it naturally changes their voice to that of the person that they are trying to impersonate.

Similar PowersEdit

  • Appearance alteration
  • Molecular manipulation
  • Organic material morphing
  • Reactive adaptation
  • Size manipulation
  • Transformation

Known UsersEdit

  • Acheri (Morphing; only into the form of young girls)